The German American Kickers (GAK) Soccer Club is sponsored by the German American Society (Deutsch Amerikanische Vereinigung) of Trenton. Please visit the following website for more information about the German American Society of Trenton: http://www.gasociety.org

The soccer program began in 1930, with Germany suffering from one of the worst economic depressions. In turn, more German immigrants sought refuge in the Americas. Many of the new German immigrants expressed their love for their native sport by forming a soccer team aptly named “Trenton Liederkranz” due to the clubs’s main focus (a singing society). Liederkranz competed with other local teams as well as European teams in Philadelphia. Their home field was located in the Chambersburg section of Trenton.

During the war years, club activity virtually came to a halt. Many of the club members served in the armed forces of our country, others lent their skills building armaments for the victorious outcome of the conflict.

The year 1950 began with an acceleration of arriving new immigrants. First the displaced Germans from the Balkans, Romania, Hungary, etc. Later, when restrictions were more relaxed, a repetition of postwar era of the first World War saw a heavy influx of young Germans from virtually every corner of Germany. Again their main interests were sports oriented and it is no wonder then that in a relatively short period of time another soccer team was formed, which should be considered as the forerunner of today’s GAK, with many former players active as managers, coaches or as part of the GAK Soccer Committee.

The current German American Kickers Soccer Club was formed in 1962, after a fusion of the Liederkranz Trenton (founded in 1888) and the Aurora Club (founded in 1905). The current facility on Uncle Pete’s Road in Yardville was inaugurated on October 10, 1969 to provide a clubhouse, soccer field and picnic grounds needed to sustain the activities of the club.

In 2009, the GAK became an original Founding Member and Official Youth Partner of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union. In 2016 GAK formed a partnership with Rider University Men’s Soccer Program and most recently in 2018 partnered with Schachter Sports GMBH, to facilitate training and exchange of teams and players between our club and soccer clubs in Germany.

2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the GAK in it’s current form. One of the most well known and respected clubs in the tri-state area. The club has sent several former players to play at the collegiate and professional levels. The GAK continues to offer a one of kind European influenced soccer program of excellence in the region, supporting both girls and boys teams competing at the highest amateur levels.